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Storage Solutions recommended by the Best Builders in Sydney

best builders in Sydney storage solutions

As the best builders in Sydney, when building homes for our clients, one of the most common requests made by them is to create as much storage space as possible in their new properties.

No matter kitchen, laundry or even the garage, maximising storage space in an aesthetic way is almost always included in the design brief. And the luxury of having a custom home builder is that everything – including storage space – can be tailored to your expectations.

Each room in your custom built home has the potential to create practical, yet well-appointed storage solutions, and here are our suggestions on where you can add that extra space.


For most of us our kitchen is the heart of our home, and while there are always many practicalities that go into it, Our customers also want it to look amazing.

With appliances, glassware, crockery and so many other things to fit in, getting as much storage as possible into this room is vital.

With CPT constructions it’s easily achievable through an individually tailored fit-out with quality cabinetry that looks great and allows your kitchen to be functional, workable space it should be.

The addition of a scullery is also convenient and practical, providing the perfect place for a dishwasher, wine fridge or to store large appliances. The extra bench can make it simple to prepare meals while leaving a clutter-free kitchen.


A flashy walk-in robe isn’t just every girl’s dream. It’s actually a quite sensible storage solution. A smartly designed fit-out customises the amount of hanging space, shelving and drawers you need, as well as providing space for storing our clothing and shoes.

If the organisation is taken care of in the right way, the luxury factor can really be upped with some amazing lighting and dressing table.


One of the smallest and yet most important rooms in a house. Well- organised storage space in your laundry is the key.

Maximise storage with well-appointed closets, cupboards and shelving so that everything is kept tidy and easy to reach.


We all know the garage is not just a place where we park our car. Most of us store a lot of things there. An easy way to double your floor space is to look up. Overhead storage is a great option in garages and sheds, which often get quickly cluttered with objects we hardly every use.

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best builders in sydney storage solutions