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Are You Drunk? No, it’s Crooked House in Poland!

custom built homes crooked house in poland

Custom Built Homes- Crooked House in Poland

If you enjoyed reading our article last week then you are going to like this one even more!!

In today’s post, we would like to show you one of the most extraordinary custom built homes we came across lately.

The Crooked House in Polish “Krzywy Domek” is often called by tourists the world’s most crooked house. It looks quite unreal – resembles of surrealist painting or a cartoon but it actually is a real building. The most photographed building in Poland the Crooked House is located in the centre Sopot (one of the coastal towns). This 4,000 square meter house was designed by the famous Polish architect group Szotynscy & Zaleski, who got inspired by the artwork of Per Dahlberg as well Jan Sznacer’s fairy tale illustrations.

The surreal effect is given by colourful stained glass entrances, stone elevation decors, and windows framed with sandstone. One more peculiar of this special building is a roof of blue-green enamelled shingles, that reminds of dragon skin. Apparently, it looks even more spectacular at night when it’s lighted. This is a great zest of the architect’s thought and even more exciting challenge for custom home builders.

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custom built homes crooked house in Poland