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Homes designed for climate

We all want to live in homes which are comfortable all year round with minimal energy consumption and other associated with it costs. When it comes to energy efficiency in house designs, you can make the most of natural light, correct air flow, lower ongoing energy and maintenance spendings as well as the smallest impact on the natural environment.

CPT Constructions has always been particularly passionate about designing energy efficient homes. Over the last 20 years, we have done a lot of research and tested many design methods. While the basic rules remain the same, technology has advanced significantly, allowing for different techniques and products to be used.

In the era before computers, energy efficiency used to be tested by constructing complete house’s models:

custom built homes

And now it’s all done with a flew clicks of a mouse, and what used to take months to work out is achieved in a matter of minutes:

best builders in Sydney

While there are many products on the market which can contribute to increasing energy efficiency, sound design principles are paramount to achieve the best out of your new home.

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