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Smart tips for small houses by luxury home builders

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On our website, we often present some of our biggest projects. However, not everyone wants to live in a big house and sometimes we take part in some great smaller projects. Also, in Sydney, there are many properties where its small size pushes us to be more creative and clever about the design, layout and storage options to make the most of every inch.

Please have a look at some tips we would like to recommend for small spaces:

      1. Make the most of the window space

Use window solutions that allow for maximum light, to make a room feel bright and open. Sheers are a great way to let natural light in, still giving us needed privacy. Ceiling to floor sheers or curtains lengthen the window and make it appear big and grand.

  1. Built in storages

We often get asked about storage spaces, and it is one of the best mod cons you can build into your new property to make your life easier. Built in wardrobes with shelf fit outs, floor to ceiling kitchen pantries, linen cupboards, bathroom cabinets are the most common storage solutions. Built in bookcases in a study or living room are smart storage spaces that can also be a design feature.

  1. Furniture simplicity

Simple pieces, with clean lines and no patterns in light colours, make the room feel less cluttered and more relaxing. A bed with storage space underneath – either drawers or big enough space to hide things.

  1.  Go digital

Get rid of your chunky albums, DVD and vinyl collections. Frame the special photos and keep the rest on your hard drive. Stop collecting movies and TV shows, streaming options are endless these days.

  1. Change decorative options into more functional

Use an ottoman as a coffee table. Bench seats can work as drawers for storage. Go for simple decorative options like a fruit bowl instead of candles etc.

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