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Custom Built Luxury Minimalism

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Here comes our weekly feast for custom built homes lovers in Sydney.

No matter if you are a big fan of minimalism or no. This is the project you must see. People from the industry call it “the most minimalist house ever designed”. Whether it is or not, you can decide yourself. Have a look and see what makes it so unique among other custom built homes.

Let’s start with a couple of important facts about this project. “The Glass Pavilion” – as this is the official name of this property was designed and built in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles by a famous architect Steve Hermann in 2010. The super minimalist house project was originally designed for the artist himself, but suddenly he changed his mind and decided to sell it…for 35 million dollars. Even though the house has a car collection, art gallery and furniture. Nothing was included in the price. So 35 million dollars for naked walls?? It couldn’t finish well.

Later on, you could have purchased it with 11 million dollars discount for as “little” $24 million…any interested?? Well, it’s too late now, someone ended up not resisting the deal.

Now, let’s take a look at the very special design of the house. As I’m not an architect I would like to mention the most precise Suzanne Perkins comment; “ The Glass Pavilion is a redefining structure within modernism. It’s a benchmark building that sets the bar as to what modernism is and can be. Throughout the last century, there have been a few great buildings that defined modernism and inspired generations to imagine what is possible not only within architecture but as a society as a whole. Mies Van Der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion and Farnsworth house, as well as Philip Johnson’s glass house, were these of defining structures. Now Steve Hermann’s Glass Pavilion takes the architectural tenants of these greats and catapults these concepts into the new millennium.

Well, it sounds like a big deal when it comes to the architectural aspect, but how about ordinary people? What does general public think about The Glass Pavilion? Glass walls?? Does minimalism…sound like too much?

Probably yes. I guess 95% of people would never want to live in a custom built homes like this. And this is exactly what makes it so special.

Now I want to know your thoughts. Would you hire some of custom home builders in Sydney for a project like this??

Already have ideas??

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