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How to renovate prestige homes?

Are you trying to improve on perfection? Today we’ve got something for the luxury homeowners that are planning to renovate their prestige homes in Sydney. What would you add to a home that has everything? Getting into Sydney’s prestige property market gives you a home that, theoretically, has everything a family needs to live comfortably […]

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Fragrances in luxury homes

luxury homes fragrances

Is there anything more important than, the comfort of your own luxury home? Especially after a long and stressful day at work. To feel good, we need to regenerate in a nice environment. Most of us find it hard to stay focus or sleep in a messy and smelly room. That’s why in today’s article, […]

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10 most expensive houses in Australia. Part 1

luxury home builders sydney

Hello to all the luxury homes lovers! We have been looking forward to sharing this article with you, as we find it particularly interesting. Australia, especially Sydney is famous for its luxury homes and their ridiculous prices. There are so many of them that we decided to start a series on our blog… There is […]

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2017 Trends for luxury home builders in Sydney

luxury home builders in sydney

2017 has kicked in with its all power and the new subtle neutral palettes, rather than the bright tones that used to be so popular. Subdued shades will dominate, with the spectrum ranging from cool, muted greys and mints to warmer pudre pinks and apricots. Raw natural materials with plenty of texture will also be […]

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Custom Built Homes – Luxury Stellar Staircases

custom built home

As with life, sometimes the most interesting part of a home is not where you start or finish, but how you get there. For today’s article, we have chosen two houses from around the world, to show you amazingly designed and crafted staircases that not only connect living spaces but also take centre stage of […]

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Glass House in Tokyo

best builders in Sydney

In today’s article, CPT Construction – the best builders in Sydney has got something, especially for the Big Brother lifestyle lovers. If you believe that you have nothing to hide, try spending a few nights in the see-through house located in Tokyo, Japan. It was built by Sou Fujimoto Architect Group in 2009. This 914 […]

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Design concepts at CPT Constructions

In over 25 years of our building experience, we have never built the same home twice. At CPT Constructions we aim to design your house to suit your vision. Each of us has a different definition of perfection, so how can one building plan be considered ideal for each and every person? That’s why for […]

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