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Ways to Keep Home Ventilated

Home ventilation is essential to have fresh air in your home. You can reduce virus particles or humidity in your home by improving the ventilation system. If you want to keep your home ventilated, we suggest a few ways to keep your home ventilated. 

Open Doors and Windows

The simplest way to keep your home ventilated is to keep your doors and windows open to let air circulate. Summer in Australia is too hot to keep your windows closed. However, you have to make sure that when you open your windows, the doors to your closet or pantry are closed to avoid contaminating your clothes and food.

Turn on the Fan

Even when you have opened the doors and windows, there might not be enough air to circulate. A ceiling fan helps the air circulate in your home and pushes away the stale air and fumes in the room. Fans also make the room feel cooler, allowing you to reduce the use of air conditioner and promote energy-efficient ways. 

Although floor and table fans do not have the same power as ceiling fans, they also promote air circulation.

Install Air Filter on HVAC

If you have installed a central HVAC system in your home, installing and regularly checking its air filter is important. It is where viruses and dust particles are trapped. Pleated filters are better than the regular ones pre-installed on the filter.

Although, professionals inspect and adjust the ventilation system each year. It is still important to check the air filter to see if it is installed properly and change it every three months or as per the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Use Portable Air Purifier

If you do not have an HVAC system installed at home, investing in a portable air purifier can provide filtration. A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) cleaner efficiently delivers cleaner air. You have to check the capacity of the air purifier to select one that is the right size for the rooms of your home. 

Turn on Exhaust Fan

When you love to cook, smoke pants up in your kitchen, and this could be suffocating. Install an exhaust fan above your stove top to ensure it removes the bad air in the room. Do not also forget to turn on the exhaust fan in the bathroom. This helps dry the room easily and keeps the virus particles from concentrating in one place.

Besides the health improvement and comfort a well-ventilated home provides, there are several reasons why ventilation should be given attention. Most importantly, to homes that are newly built. Houses built years ago do not have insulation in the walls, allowing fresh air to easily enter the cracks, holes, and gaps around the walls. Also, the materials used before are natural and do not have any treatment. 

Hence, find ways to ventilate your home. Call in the experts if you want to renovate your home to keep more airflow moving. You will discover more ways how to improve your home ventilation.