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Windows in Luxury Homes – Old Styles Vs New Trends

Luxury Homes

In modern luxury home layouts, windows are given more weight and are handled in new styles. Flat and large rectangular window openings that heighten the splendour of surrounding plantation or landscapes are specified more often with very less framing to imitate the clean lines of the recent art piece. Larger the window – the better […]

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How to renovate prestige homes?

Are you trying to improve on perfection? Today we’ve got something for the luxury homeowners that are planning to renovate their prestige homes in Sydney. What would you add to a home that has everything? Getting into Sydney’s prestige property market gives you a home that, theoretically, has everything a family needs to live comfortably […]

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2017 Trends for luxury home builders in Sydney

luxury home builders in sydney

2017 has kicked in with its all power and the new subtle neutral palettes, rather than the bright tones that used to be so popular. Subdued shades will dominate, with the spectrum ranging from cool, muted greys and mints to warmer pudre pinks and apricots. Raw natural materials with plenty of texture will also be […]

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Custom Built Homes – Luxury Stellar Staircases

custom built home

As with life, sometimes the most interesting part of a home is not where you start or finish, but how you get there. For today’s article, we have chosen two houses from around the world, to show you amazingly designed and crafted staircases that not only connect living spaces but also take centre stage of […]

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Smart tips for small houses by luxury home builders

luxury home builders sydney

On our website, we often present some of our biggest projects. However, not everyone wants to live in a big house and sometimes we take part in some great smaller projects. Also, in Sydney, there are many properties where its small size pushes us to be more creative and clever about the design, layout and […]

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Homes designed for climate

We all want to live in homes which are comfortable all year round with minimal energy consumption and other associated with it costs. When it comes to energy efficiency in house designs, you can make the most of natural light, correct air flow, lower ongoing energy and maintenance spendings as well as the smallest impact […]

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Best Industrial Home Office Inspiration

In this article, I would like to focus on interior design, which is an important aspect to compliment the high-end builders work. Industrial decor is one of the most commonly chosen styles by Sydney prestige home builders and their clients in the past five years. From old warehouses to modern homes, that have adapted the […]

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Custom Built Luxury Minimalism

Custom Built Homes Sydney

Here comes our weekly feast for custom built homes lovers in Sydney. No matter if you are a big fan of minimalism or no. This is the project you must see. People from the industry call it “the most minimalist house ever designed”. Whether it is or not, you can decide yourself. Have a look […]

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