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Custom built homes – Pierre Cardin Bubble House

Today we’ve got something especially for custom built homes lovers!

custom built homes

When you work for a creative industry, you have to be surrounded by spaces that can constantly inspire you. Located on a rocky cliff above the Mediterranean, Pierre Cardin’s bubble house is the perfect quirky home. Its avant-garde interiors have been inspiring the fashion designer for over 25 years.

1989 Cardin was looking for a perfect summer house that suits his stylish mind. In Cannes, he found a partially constructed building that caught his fancy. It was designed by Antti Lovag, a legendary architect who specialized in custom built homes. The bubble house was being made for a French investor, who passed away midway through construction. Cardin decided to buy the property and complete the work.

Domed inside and out, the curved structure looks like a series of submarine pods or a bunch of space age grapes. Combined with palm tree and Mediterranean blue sky makes the bubble house one of the most spectacular custom built homes. Its abstract appearance gives way to unadulterated high fashion and lifestyle of the upper class.

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custom built homes