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10 most expensive houses in Australia. Part 1

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Hello to all the luxury homes lovers!

We have been looking forward to sharing this article with you, as we find it particularly interesting.

Australia, especially Sydney is famous for its luxury homes and their ridiculous prices.

There are so many of them that we decided to start a series on our blog…

There is nothing more exciting for a young professional than owning a house. We love to flip through magazines or social media that flaunt wealthy people’s extravagant spending on their prestige homes. We are so glad you enjoy reading our blog that we decided to create a list of 10 most expensive houses in Australia. We’d like to tell you that these luxurious pads belong to the rich and famous, but with some of them, we have no idea who some of these people are…

Have a look at some of the luxury homes we built.

  1. Bang & Olufsen, Point Piper, NSW

We are starting our prestigious list with a property located at the infamous Wolseley Crescent. Former owner Bruce McWilliam and his wife sold this unique designer home in 2013 for $33 million. The area provides a perfect view of the ocean and spacious, elegant rooms. The property was sold to Jerry Qiu Yafu, the owner of Chinese textile company called Shandong Ruyi Science and Technology.

The mansion is known as the “Bang & Olufsen House” due to its distinctive tinted glass design that is apparently reminiscent of an old hi-fi system when viewed from the Sydney Harbour. Apparently, even Elton John was interested in buying this luxury home.

The property was built in the late 80’s and has three levels.

  1. Gladswood Gardens, Double Bay, NSW

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Before the house was sold to the current owner, an aged care industry philanthropist, the former owner was trying to sell it for almost three years.

The mansion has six bedrooms, a swimming pool, large dining room, eight bathrooms, staff quarters, boathouse and a jetty. It has a peaceful environment with the best road network that provides a good place to house business conferences.

  1. Andrew Robert’s Mansion, Double Bay

luxury homes sydney

Valued at $38 million, this high-end house located at Double Bay was owned by Andrew Roberts, the former head of Multiplex. Together with his wife he sold the property in 2015 and moved to Bondi. The house was sold to Malaysian tycoon Huang Lee Seng who is the Executive Chairman of the lifestyle property group, Mulpha Australia.

The mansion has an incredible 55 metres of waterfront, six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a heated pool, a jetty and a large garage for four cars. It was once a part of the famous Gladswood House before it was divided in 1950’s for 10,000 pounds.
We hope you enjoyed the first part of our series. For the next two months, we will be showing more expensive properties from Australia.

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