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Update your luxury home for spring in Sydney.


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It’s so exciting to see the first blossoms of spring, so with that excitement in mind take a fresh look at your Sydney home and see what you can do to bring an extra touch of happiness to your interior. If you’re thinking of selling your place, a burst of Spring could be a big draw card for prestige home buyers in New South Wales.

In Today’s blog, we would love to share our top 10 tips to get your house looking amazing for Spring. We all need a breath of fresh air now and then.

1. Grab a paintbrush.
Painting is the easiest way to make a significant change to a room. Spring’s fresh rays of sunshine make your rooms look a lot brighter, but can also reveal many marks and scratches on your walls. Adding a fresh coat of paint costs nothing, but don’t go bold or too dramatic as the trends often change and you don’t want to be painting your luxury home all over again next year.

2. The power of fabrics.
Different patterns, textures and colours can totally refresh your interiors. Various fabrics can be made into curtains, cushions, blankets and wall hangings to give life to a dull colour scheme of your interiors. Our picks for this season is linen or sheer.

3. Call a repairman.
We all have the jobs we put off till tomorrow and they never get done. Spring is a perfect time to make a list of what needs to be repaired to get your home into an immaculate condition as it is the little details that often get forgotten and then turn into serious issues.

4. Let the light in.
Subtle and indirect lighting creates a whole new atmosphere to an interior scheme and it doesn’t just have to be for evenings. You can also bring to life the darkest corners of your rooms by adding a simple lamp. There is no need to highlight large areas, especially for open floor plans. Usually, this type of interiors has a great source of natural light and if you are a fan of the Danish hygge philosophy, it’s good to have a couple of candles on hand.

5. Get rid of clutter.
Spring a great time to think about cleaning your luxury home, so don’t waste your time any longer. Gathering dust on never used items doesn’t add to value to your house. Pack it all away and give to someone who also might be refurbishing their place.

6. It’s all in the details.
Move around your artwork – we all get used to certain looks and feel of the interiors, but just by moving around your artwork and pictures you can create a whole new feel without redesigning your interiors.

7. Floral revolution.
Fresh flowers not only add a visual aspect but can bring a hint fragrance as you walk by. We love having a bouquet of fresh flowers in our hallways and living rooms.

8. Feeling like a bigger change?
If you really don’t want to move your artwork, take a  look at how you can change the layout of your rooms. Take all of the furniture out of your room and then start bringing them back, starting from the biggest pieces. You can also start moving accessorise between rooms. Repositioning your furniture can make you feel like you’ve moved to another house!

9. Spend money where needed
The big budget areas, such as the bathroom or kitchen, need some careful planning. If the major appliances and structure are in good condition, maybe all the area needs is a basic ‘freshen up’, such as re-tiling or new taps and accessories. Sometimes simple changes such as these might be enough to give a new lease of life and give added value rather than being a full renovation.